Rent a Lodge at Nordik

A quiet getaway into the heart of nature

Do you have a moment to highlight? A baby shower, a 50th anniversary or a bachelor or bachelorette party to celebrate? A tradition to create? An important meeting or a brainstorming session to organize? Try something different and suggest a quiet getaway into the heart of nature.

Nordik Lodge

Into the heart of nature

Welcomed into the heart of nature in a peaceful atmosphere, you feel at home right away. A few steps from the spa, with its rustic architecture, exceptional windows, and refined, modern decor, the Nordik Lodge can host up to 14 guests during the day. As much as 12 people can stay the night, sharing 5 queensized beds and a double sofabed between them. Come in, make yourselves at home.

Alpina Lodge

A breathtaking view

Upon arriving, you are left breathless. It’s beautiful, it’s vast, it’s freeing. You are already feeling well. Perched atop the Nordik road, the Alpina Lodge offers spectacular views of the Gatineau Hills and of downtown Ottawa. With its open space, its 3 bedrooms that can accommodate 10 people, and its outdoor cocktail bar, the Lodge is perfect for a memorable weekend between friends that will prove similar to a great movie you want to watch again and again! Boasting a large, closed meeting room, the Lodge can host up to 16 colleagues for a corporate event! Admit it, you’re tempted. Give in, you’ve totally earned it.