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Espace Banyä

A new haven of multiple wellness experiences

Russian sauna, exfoliation, meditation and yoga

The Espace Banyä is this magnificent two-storey, multi-purpose building that opened in December 2016. As well as offering a breathtaking view overlooking the site, the Espace Banyä offers wellness enthusiasts a haven to synchronize their body and spirit.

Located in the Borëa area, the Espace Banyä literally steals the show with its stunning architecture and beauty. On the ground floor, discover the Russian sauna and the exfoliation room. Upstairs, take meditation or yoga break, at your pace and suited to your needs, in our unique relaxation room.

Espace Banyä summary

  • Borëa area
  • Russian Sauna
  • Exfoliation Room
  • Multiple experiences Room
  • Yoga
  • Mediation
  • Hot pool covered
  • Terraces

The Banyä sauna

Russian, authentic, unique

Fixed to the side of the rock, the Banyä sauna offers an authentic and rustic atmosphere. All your senses will be awakened by its original design, lighting, freshwater fountain, and the rock in the background. It’s big and beautiful, it smells wonderful, it’s impressive, and of course, it’s hot!

On the ground floor, explore the Banyä sauna. It’s the largest and most majestic sauna on the site. Inspired by Russian tradition, this sauna’s vapour comes from pouring water onto the heated stone oven in the centre of the room. The dry heat and humid vapour are perfectly balanced, resulting in a special atmosphere perfect for long thermal sessions that can even turn into a friendly atmosphere.

As of fall 2017, the Banyä Ritual will be offered only in this sauna, twice a day. It’s a brand new relaxation experience to discover at Nordik, inspired by a 1,000-year-old Russian tradition.

Still largely unknown in the West, the Russian sauna draws on two major thermal traditions: the dry-heat Nordic sauna (Finnish sauna) and the humid Mediterranean steamroom (hammam, Roman baths).

The exfoliation room

Included in the thermal experience

Located on the far left of the Espace Banyä, right next to the Banyä sauna, discover and enjoy our exfoliation room. Integrate exfoliation to your ritual at Nordik Spa-Nature. Included in the thermal experience, this treatment restores radiance to your skin and revitalizes all your senses. To enjoy the maximum benefits of the treatment, we recommend beginning your day of spa relaxation with an exfoliation session!

Two large bowls of exfoliating salts are available here at all times. You can choose from two exfoliating salts, lavender or mint. These exfoliating salts are created right here by our artisans. Did you know that? Essential oils are mixed into the salt for a calming (lavender) or invigorating (mint) experience. Exfoliation scrubs away dead cells from the surface of your skin and stimulates epidermal regeneration and microcirculation.

Use the showers on the wall to rinse yourself off. You will then feel how soft and smooth it is. This room is a great addition to Nordik’s facilities that you will want to visit time and again.

Exfoliation summary

  • Available at the Espace Banyä
  • Included in the thermal experience
  • Restores radiance to your skin
  • Revitalizes senses
  • Exfoliating salts created by our artisans
  • Choice : lavender or mint
  • Recommendation : to begin your day at the spa with an exfoliation session

A single relaxation space with many faces

Yoga, meditation and relaxation

If the architecture and beauty of the new Espace Banyä charmed you, wait until you see the relaxation area upstairs. It will take your breath away. You’ll discover a space yogis can only dream of!

You’ll find a self-service yoga and meditation space. The installations and accessories are available to wellness enthusiasts for yoga, meditation, stretching, or resting sessions, all in a modern and refined décor. Beds, comfy chairs, hanging chairs, and yoga mats and blocks are all available here. Choose your favourite and settle down.

In the summer, the scene becomes somehow even more dazzling. Large windows open onto the outdoor relaxation terrace, which boasts a gorgeous view of the largest spa in North America. Even more space to devote yourself to your favourite spiritual renewal activities. With the sun, the breeze, and the soft music, time has officially stopped ticking. Namaste.

A Self-service concept

  • Yoga session
  • Meditation session
  • Stretching session
  • Retractable beds
  • Comfy chairs
  • Hanging chairs
  • Yoga mats
  • Yoga blocks