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The spa, an ally of athletes

Take care of your body: it will take you to the top!

You give everything you have to succeed in an athletic discipline. Allow us to propose that you integrate thermotherapy into your training, either during training or at the recovery stage.

Here’s the schedule we recommend.


We’ve designed the perfect packages for athletes !

Integrate the thermal experience to your training program and maximize your sports performance!


Sport Package – TRAINING

Sport Package – RECOVERY


Nordik, Proud GOLD Partner of the Gatineau Loppet!

Choose the right massage

You take care of your main performance tool: your body. It will thank you by taking you to the top! A few days before your arrival at the spa, you scheduled a massage. Among the various types of massages we offer, some are more effective during training programs, such as the Tonic massage and Thai massage. During recovery periods, for example after a race, schedule a Deep tissue massage instead.

Accelerate healing and relieve pain with the Källa treatment

The Källa treatment should also be seriously considered. Filled water saturated at 12% Epsom salt, the Källa pool offers you the extraordinary experience of floating in complete calm. This is recommended to accelerate healing and reduce muscle pain. You try it for the first time and fall in love.

Discover the steps of the thermal cycle

Next, you try the thermal cycle (hot-cold-rest) three or four times to get the most out of the benefits for your body and mind. This passive approach has active benefits, which help you recover from injury and improve your endurance. The thermal cycle has three steps: hot, cold, and rest.

This step allows you to store heat, dilate your pores, and draw out toxins. It causes you to sweat, which deep cleans the body. Warm up your body in one of our nine saunas for 10–15 minutes. The Maa Sauna, located in the Panorama area, is an ideal choice to experience an authentic Nordic tradition. Its temperature is 95–100 °C.

This is the step that accelerates the heart rate and shuts the skin’s pores. Pass quickly under an icy waterfall, splash yourself with cold water, or dive into an iced or cool bath for a few seconds. Kristal, Kylmä, and Rivër are the coldest water sources on the site. 15–30 seconds is enough. Take our word for it!

This step allows your body to find its regular heart rate and absorb the benefits of the Nordic experience. The site has a variety of rest areas where you can relax for at least 15–20 minutes before beginning the next thermal cycle.

Once you’re totally relaxed, stop by Restö

Once you have achieved maximum relaxation, stop by Rësto to grab a bite to eat. Our chef offers healthy cuisine, where freshness, taste, and originality are front and centre. Our menu includes colourful salads, soups of the day, savoury entrées, creative sandwiches, a bistro menu, fresh pasta, and more. It’s up to you to choose.

You make the most of this break time. You are in great shape to restart your training and reach your next goal.

Today’s schedule

Get 15% off at the spa!

Nordik Spa-Nature is a valuable ally of winter sports enthusiasts! Enjoy a 15% discount on the thermal experience from Monday to Thursday when you show:

1- Your season pass to Sommet Edelweiss.

2- Your cross-country ski, snowshoe, or snow bike season pass to Gatineau Park.

3- Your proof of participation in the 2019 Gatineau Loppet.

Adding the thermal experience to my routine has really improved my athletic performance. I’ve noticed the difference in my cardiovascular endurance during training and matches!
— Jean-Gabriel Pageau, professional hockey player for the Ottawa Senators. —

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