Going Solo

Enjoy your solo getaway

You’ve decided to take a break. You need it. You’ve marked the day in your calendar, and everything is ready for your escape to freedom. You’ve made the right decision: to take care of yourself. Enjoy your solo getaway! Have a good day.

You’re today’s priority

As soon as you arrive at the spa, you feel at one with nature. The day will be beautiful, calm, and restful. Even if it’s cloudy, even if it rains, this will be the perfect escape, because your well-being is the only thing on the agenda.

You enter the scene and discover a magnificent setting. The beauty of nature and its scents and sounds are already making an impression. You’re already starting to feel better. The relaxation process has begun!

Wearing a bathing suit, a bathrobe, sandals, and sunglasses, you’re ready to let yourself go and dive into the adventure that is solo relaxation. Pro tip: bring something to read! You’ll have plenty of time to devour a few chapters of your newest novel or to flip through a few magazines fresh off the press. Refuel. Recharge. Call it what you will. Today’s your day. You’re getting a taste for pampering yourself, and it’s so much better than you imagined.

A body treatment to begin the day, what a great choice!

Today’s your day, so take your comfort to the max. You’re finally going to use that gift certificate you received for your birthday! It’s about time! You start with a body treatment offered by a team of professionals whose only goal is to provide you with unparalleled comfort.

Before arriving at the spa, you selected a choice from among vivifying treatment, facial care, body care, pedicure, or the Lumëa treatment. Your treatment is scheduled, and we’re expecting you.

Reserve a body treatment.

Patio relaxation and morning yoga

Fully relaxed, you continue this relaxation day by enjoying a latte at the Mëzz café. Whether you choose to sit on the patio or inside, the view is incredible. With just a glance, the entire site unveils its splendour and invites you to settle in.

Across the way, the new Espace Banyä draws your attention. Attracted by its grandeur and gleam, you head inside and, instinctively, head upstairs. There, you discover a yoga studio that any yoga lover would die for. You don’t hesitate to take advantage of the installations and equipment for a fantastic morning meditation or yoga session, at your own pace. Time has officially stopped ticking.

Discover the Russian sauna

After your yoga session, your energy is flowing better. You feel ready to try the thermal cycle. You head down to the ground floor to discover the Banyä sauna. Inspired by Russian tradition, this sauna gets its steam from pouring water over hot stones in the centre of the room. It’s the largest sauna on the site, and the most majestic. All your senses are affected. It’s beautiful and big, it smells fantastic, it’s impressive, and most importantly, it’s hot!

For the second step of the thermal cycle, you dare yourself to jump under the Iceberg waterfall, located just next to the Banyä space. This step is essential after having been exposed to such intense heat. Once your pores have closed and your adrenaline is pumping, you decide to relax in a hanging chair. Peace at last. To draw the maximum benefit from your heat therapy, we recommend repeating the thermal cycle (hot-cold-relaxation) three or four times. Go ahead, the only thing on today’s to-do list is to take care of yourself.


When you were leaving the Banyä sauna, you noticed the new exfoliation room, on the far left of the Espace Banyä. You decide to head over for an exfoliation treatment, because you need it. This treatment will restore shine to your skin and revitalize all your senses. You can choose from lavender or eucalyptus. The essential oil you choose will be mixed with salts to produce a calming (lavender) or an invigorating (eucalyptus) effect. Did you know that our exfoliating salts are made on site by our handicraft workers? And how about your skin? It’s softer than ever, isn’t it? It’s important to take care of your skin during this time of year, when it starts getting colder outside.

Read, meditate, sleep. Start again.

After a good meal at Restö, you head for Kaskad, the site’s silent zone and a whole world just for you to relax in and clear your mind on this dream getaway that you’ve treated yourself to.

Whether to escape the rain or the sun, you take shelter in the Kalmeo relaxation pavilion and make yourself comfortable on a couch. This is where you dive into your novel, your magazine, or your thoughts. It’s up to you! At a given moment, you decide to change scenes. You migrate towards the Ëdena forest beach, choose a hammock, and you’re somewhere completely renewed. It’s like paradise. Nap time has arrived!

The day is ending. You’ve definitely enjoyed it. You listened to your body and you’ve appreciated every moment. Mission accomplished. Next, you become aware of the numerous advantages of heat therapy on your whole body. Tonight, you’ll sleep like a baby, and tomorrow, you’ll feel completely revitalized and ready for anything. And you’ll be sure to take another solo getaway soon, right?

Today’s schedule

The time has simply stopped
— Marie-Ève Lamontagne —

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