Taking care of yourself is taking care of your baby

Pregnancy is a turning point in your life, and a spa visit will contribute to your physical and mental well-being. Take a moment of rest to find yourself with your developing baby, talk to them, wish them a warm welcome, and give them a place in your life. Taking care of yourself means taking care of your baby.

Live the extraordinary experience of weightlessness at Källa

Your stomach is growing round. Your legs feel heavy and you are short of breath. The Källa treatment is ideal for you. It invites you to live the extraordinary experience of floating weightlessly with your baby in the complete calm conferred by the underground location. Among numerous benefits, this treatment improves circulation, reduces muscle and joint tension, encourages sleep, and reduces stress. Imagine floating in symbiosis with your child; it’s an unparallelled experience.

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Over three months into your pregnancy, you schedule a Mom-to-be massage. This treatment is offered lying on the side and it focuses on the specific needs of pregnant women. It is ideal to reduce pain in the lower back, the sciatic nerve, the neck and shoulders, and the legs. Admit it, you’ve been dreaming of this!

And, while planning your day, you go for the full spa treatment by scheduling a facial care and foot Care session. You can benefit from these treatments without worry because they do not require you to lie on your stomach.

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Beautiful Källa, what a pleasure it was to meet you. You, who helped me reconnect with the deepest reaches of my body! Floating in your waters is an experience rich with real discovery and relaxation. Thank you, Källa. Until next time!!!
— Lucie —

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