Relax in the Borëa area

The place to speak quietly

Espace Banyä

Discover the Espace Banyä! This majestic, two-storey, multipurpose building opened in December 2016. Overlooking the site and offering a breathtaking view, the Espace Banyä is a refuge for wellness enthusiasts to unify the body and the mind.

On the second floor, you can enjoy the multipurpose rest area and discover a space that any yoga lover would find perfect. Don’t hesitate: take advantage of the installations and equipment for a yoga or meditation session at your own pace, indoors or out on the rooftop patio.

Banyä at a glance

  • Location: Borëa area
  • Atmosphere: Meditative
  • Feature: Multipurpose rest area in a self-service formula
  • Activities: Yoga, meditation, stretching, relaxation
  • Capacity:  30 people

Relaxa relaxation chalet

The Relaxa chalet faces the Tempër pool, just beside the Vaporo saunas near the enormous waterfall. It offers a spectacular view of the mountain. First, you stop by the tea station to prepare a hot drink to your tastes. Next, you have a variety of options to relax in the chalet.

You make your choice from among the heated benches overlooking the Borëa area, the sofas around the fire with a view of the Kaskad area, or the quiet room, which has beds where you can meditate in complete darkness with optional music! You close your eyes and you are somewhere else…

The Gëser hot tub

Facing Restö, Gëser is the warmest pool at Nordik! Its temperature is 39 °C. On a warm autumn evening or on a colder day, you will feel time stop. The water jets massage your muscles and relieve you of your daily tensions for greater happiness and well-being. In the evening, the pool is lit for an even more sublime experience.

Onsën, the covered hot pool

Next to Espace Banyä in the Borëa area, discover the Onsën covered hot pool. Inspired by the natural hot springs of Japan, this brand new pool is covered, a first at Nordik! The pool is built from rocks and stone, its benches are perfectly shaped for your body. A gentle waterfall completes the experience and takes you away to sublime relaxation. Its temperature is set at 37 °C.