Relax in the Kaskad area

The place where silence reigns


The forest beach

Give yourself a moment of pure relaxation at the Forest beach located in the Kaskad section. Everything has been designed to recreate a tropical destination atmosphere… Hot sand, deckchairs and the gentle sound of waves.

Scope out the perfect spot, sit comfortably in a long chair, slide down your shades, and dive into your novel. With a little imagination, you’re almost there.

Hanging beds

In the summer, hanging beds are set up on the forest beach in the Kaskad section. A unique creation from our designer! They have been specially designed to achieve the ultimate relaxation!

Alone or with your partner, as you are gently rocked by the surrounding nature, the warm summer breeze will caress your skin. You’ll be out like a light, but that’s alright: it’s good for your health. It’s no dream, you’re truly here!

Kalmeo 1 and Kalmeo 2 relaxation pavilions

The site’s silent zone has two relaxation pavilions where you can relax outside, sheltered from the sun or rain. We’ve thought of everything to help you relax by yourself. When it’s a little colder, you’ll appreciate the central fire, which will keep you warm and comfort you with its natural wood fire scent.

Wrapped in your robe and curled up on a sofa or in a suspended chair, you let yourself rock like a baby. Your eyes shut on their own. Your mind wanders. You are in complete harmony with nature. You appreciate the moment. Give thanks to life.

The hammocks

Experience an extraordinary moment of solo relaxation at the spa during the summer. Enjoy the hammocks set up at a few locations across the site. Huddled into your cocoon, this is the perfect place to take a nap in nature, in a remote place, under the trees, with the sound of a waterfall and the birds singing softly.

Nothing else exists around you. You’re like a baby in a cradle; the profound sense of relaxation and comfort is almost indescribable. Please, do not disturb…

The hot tub Kalör

In the Kaskad area, discover Kalör, the largest hot tub at Nordik. Its temperature is kept at 38 °C. With the mountain acting as a spectacular backdrop, Kalör is quite simply majestic.