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Relax in the Kaskad area

The place where silence reigns


Relaxation area and aromatic infusions

An authentic yurt appears on the Ëdena Beach. Located in the Kaskad section, this relaxation area can host up to 40 people at once.

Inspired by the traditional dwellings of nomads on the Central Asian steppes, the yurt combines charm and rusticity. It is built of a round canvas tent and a wood floor. It houses a central fire, surrounded by benches.

Essential oil infusions are refreshed a few times every day. Your mind wanders, all is well, and you enjoy the moment.

Discover it this winter.


Kalmeo 1 and Kalmeo 2 relaxation pavilions

The site’s silent zone has two relaxation pavilions where you can relax outside, sheltered from the cold, rain, and snow. Everything is designed to keep you nice and toasty, thanks to the central wood fire and the heating lamps in the ceiling.

Wrapped in your robe and curled up on a sofa or in a suspended chair, you let yourself rock like a baby. Your eyes shut on their own. Your mind wanders. You are in complete harmony with nature. You appreciate the moment. Give thanks to life.

Heated Hammocks

Experience an extraordinary moment of solo relaxation at the spa during the winter. Heated hammocks are available behind the Relaxa chalet in the Kaskad zone and near the Aromi sauna in the Panorama section. Huddled into your cocoon and sheltered from the cold, give in to the temptation and nap!

Nothing else exists around you, not even the cold. You’re like a baby in a cradle; the profound sense of relaxation and comfort is almost indescribable. Words fail you.

Please, do not disturb…

The hot tub Kalör

In the Kaskad area, discover Kalör, the largest hot tub at Nordik. Its temperature is kept at 38 °C. With the mountain acting as a spectacular backdrop, Kalör is quite simply majestic.