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Relax in the Panorama area

The place to chat and enjoy the spa as a group

Näkymä: the panoramic pool

Näkymä is the enormous panoramic pool that offers a breathtaking view of Ottawa-Gatineau. Head over to the Panorama Lounge to order yourself a glass of wine, then slide into the Näkymä pool to share moments in pleasant company, in any season. Its temperature is 37 °C.

Panorama pergola

An all-season relaxation bubble

Discover the all-season pergola installed in the Panorama section, next to the Biërgarden. This open space structure is a great spot to enjoy a bit of social relaxation in a radiant and convivial atmosphere.

Head to the pergola, make yourselves comfortable and enjoy life. Order a microbrewed beer, a glass of wine, or a snack from the Biërgarden menu, relax, savour and enjoy the décor. The Panorama pergola is literally a bubble of ultimate relaxation.

The Panorama pergola is a bubble of ultimate relaxation.



Find Tellura in front of the barrel sauna, near the entrance of the Panorama area. Tellura is a relaxation space with heated stone beds made from quartz. These heated slabs (100°F) are part of an Asian heat therapy tradition, called “Ganban’yoku” in Japan, or “stone bed bath.” Like sunbathing, there is no water in this “bath.” Instead, you bathe in the radiant heat of the warm stones.

The Tellura space was designed to evoke the unembellished tranquility of the original Asian heated stone beds. Six radiant stone beds await you for a unique experience that puts you in contact with the earth in its most ancient form. Included in the thermal experience. We hope you enjoy it.

Two hot tubs

Two enormous new hot baths are located in the Panorama area to expand your comfort and relaxation options. Carved into the rock and in symbiosis with nature, these baths offer a Hot Springs-inspired experience while evoking the Canadian Rockies. The water’s temperature is 37 °Celsius.

A first bath, a therapeutic Jacuzzi, pours into a second hot bath, which finishes its path in the Näkymä infinite pool. A technology imported from Germany was used for the therapeutic air bubble bath. In this bath, your body floats gently. Air bubbles have a soothing and comforting effect on the skin, tissue and nerves, activating your circulation and targeting your muscles and joints. The magic of air bubbles evaporates the stress and strain your tired body suffers, and strength, endurance and placidity return.

Suspended net

Summer Experience

Just like at the cottage, you can back in a suspending net at any time of day in the Summer. What could be more romantic than rocking gently in the fresh air under the trees? The suspended nets is located in the Panorama zone and can hold two people at a time, providing a moment of relaxation which will equal your best vacation memories!

The Kuuro rain shower

Right next to the Panorama Lounge is Kuuro, the temperate rain shower. When you need to refresh yourself while strolling around the site, hop under the lukewarm rain shower. The feeling is quite simply magical.


An authentic yurt appears on the Nordik site next to the Näkymä infinite pool. Located in the Panorama area, this social relaxation section can host up to 20 people at once. Inspired by the traditional dwellings of nomads on the Central Asian steppes, the yurt combines charm and rusticity.

It is built of a round canvas tent and a hardwood floor. It houses a central fire, surrounded by benches designed for your comfort. Essential oil infusions are refreshed a few times every day. Your eyes shut of their own free will. Your mind wanders, all is well, and you enjoy the moment. Give thanks to life.

Enjoy all the benefits of various essential oils from infusions created by our sauna meisters throughout the day.

time-clockInfusion Sessions: Every day, at 10 a.m., 12 p.m., 2 p.m., 4 p.m., 6 p.m. and 8 p.m.


This new relaxation section is a real haven adjacent to the Biërgarden, located in the social section, slightly setback. This garden offers a relaxing moment nestled in a zen-inspired mineral-and-minimalist décor, featuring a waterfall, plants, stones and furnishings perfect for relaxing on. The Zëngarden was designed to enjoy the atmosphere of the Panorama area while offering an enveloping place to chat with friends.

Lounge Panorama

You can also indulge in the rest step at the Panorama Lounge, relaxing comfortably on a sofa or on the terrace. You share your thoughts on the benefits you feel following steps one and two of the thermal experience. You’re serene and relaxed, and you feel better than ever. Now is the time to ask for a menu and order some dishes to share. Everything is perfect.


Winter Experience

Hütte is a heated wooden building near the Näkymä pool and an intriguing option to relax around a fire as a couple or with friends. The view will inspire you, and the atmosphere will engulf you. Share your dreams, your thoughts, and the small and big joys of life.