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Lymphatic Drainage

At a glance

  • Length:
    60 minutes
  • Type of massage:
    Therapeutic and soothing
  • Technique:
    Circular, slow, gentle, and precise pressure
  • Pressure level:
    Very gentle
  • Benefits:
    Cellular detoxification and fat removal
  • Features:
    Stimulates the immune system
  • Rate:
    60 minutes: $115

Increasingly considered a therapeutic treatment lymphatic drainage optimizes circulation of the lymph, a clear liquid linked to ganglion activity and  which many vital functions depend on, including cellular detoxification, the carrying of fats, and immune system stimulation. Using gentle, slow, and very precise circular pressure, lymphatic drainage notably inhibits water retention and its side effects: stretch marks, swelling, migraines, and so on. After this massage, a newfound levity and enhanced vitality will engulf you.

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