At a glance

  • Specialty Massage
  • Length:
    90 minutes
  • Type of massage:
    Relaxing, immersive, soothing
  • Technique:
    Fluid and slow, using volcanic stones
  • Pressure level:
  • Benefits:
    Soothes nervous tension, relieves muscle tension, stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, encourages elimination of toxins
  • Features:
    Deep relaxation, reduces physical pain, ideal for those suffering with general fatigue
  • Rate:
    90 minutes: $165

Do you want to try something new and different? This massage combines a firm touch with the gentleness of warm basalt stones. The stones are warmed in hot water to a temperature of about 49°C. These stones are then placed on key points of the body to warm them. Other stones are used with oil to perform the massage, relieving muscles all over the body. The effect is soothing and releases tension in the nerve endings. This long massage leads to one of the most profound feelings of relaxation. Let yourself be tempted. We guarantee you will not be able to pass this one up!

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