What type of thermal cycle are you?

Intensity Levels of the Thermal Cycle

The thermal cycle can be experienced at three different levels of intensity. The higher the intensity of the thermal shock you experience during your cycle, the stronger the benefits of the treatment.

Which intensity is right for you?

  • Gentle thermal cycle
  • Invigorating thermal cycle
  • Intense thermal cycle

Soft Thermal Cycle

An introduction to thermotherapy

Is this your first visit to the spa? This introductory thermal cycle is designed for guests who are discovering thermotherapy and who want a gradual introduction to the experience.

Example of the gentle thermal cycle
Panorama section

Step 1 – Hot – Spend 5 to 8 minutes in the Aromi sauna (between 60°C and 65°C)
Step 2 – Cold – Take a walk outside
Step 3 – Rest – Relax for at least 20 minutes at the Panorama Lounge

Guest profile:

  • First visit to the spa
  • No knowledge of the thermal cycle
  • New to thermotherapy

Invigorating Thermal Cycle

Our most popular version!

This thermal cycle allows guests to try thermotherapy and enjoy all of the benefits while exploring their own tolerance to cold and heat. This is a progressive way to integrate thermotherapy to your spa routine.

Example of the invigorating thermal cycle
Borëa and Kaskad sections

Step 1 – Hot – 10 minutes in the Finlandia sauna (85°C)
Step 2 – Cold – 5 seconds in the Tempër temperate pool (21°C)
Step 3 – Rest – At least 20 minutes of rest in a Kalmeo relaxation pavilion

Guest profile:

  • 2 to 3 spa visits per year
  • Basic knowledge of the thermal cycle
  • Exploring thermotherapy to integrate it into their wellness routine

Intense Thermal Cycle

For lovers of intense sensations

If you’re in search of a new challenge and adrenaline, the intense thermal cycle is for you. This intense version is for guests who want to push their limits and enjoy the most the thermal cycle has to offer.

Example of the intense thermal cycle
Borëa section

Step 1 – Hot – 15 minutes in the Banyä sauna (between 95°C and 100°C)
Step 2 – Cold – Total immersion under the icy Rivër waterfall (10°C)
Step 3 – Rest – At least 20 minutes of rest in the Relaxa relaxation chalet

Guest profile

  • Spa and wellness expert
  • Good knowledge of the thermal cycle
  • Loves a good challenge