Escape Together This Winter

Elsewhere Is Here

In the heart of nature

Picture this: a snowy day, followed by a starry night, surrounded by frosty landscapes, accompanied by the thermal cycle, comforting meals and opportunities to escape. You’ve found an oasis in nature—an interlude in the daily routine that makes you feel like you’ve stepped into a different world, yet remain close to home. Your refuge: Nordik Spa-Nature.

This winter, let yourself be charmed by the picturesque village of Old Chelsea in the Outaouais region and discover the largest spa in North America.

A weekday or weekend is enhanced by outdoor baths, saunas and rest areas. Lounge in our panoramic pool and gaze over the city of Ottawa and the hills of Gatineau Park. Find fires to warm up by or fiery rituals to enchant your senses while all traces of tension are chased away by the chilly winter air.

Your escape is near, your winter, here.

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Escape the snow and frigid air. Take refuge inside for an instant whilst you experience a massage or body care treatment. Find comfort and bliss under the hands of a talented massage therapist or feel rejuvenated under the care of a talented esthetician. You deserve the best of wellness.

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