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In the heart of nature

Picture this: blue skies, sunshine-filled days, sweet summer’s night, vibrant greenery, cool water, warm vapour, alfresco bites and not a worry in sight. You’ve found an oasis in nature—a departure from everyday routine which feels like a different world, yet is close to home. Your haven: Nordik Spa-Nature.

This summer, allow yourself to be charmed by the picturesque village of Old Chelsea in the Outaouais region as you experience the largest spa in North America.

A sunny day or a sweet summer’s night is made all the better by outdoor baths, saunas, and rest areas. Laze in our panoramic pool and gaze over the city of Ottawa and the green hills of Gatineau Park. Find shaded areas or bathe in sunshine as all signs of tension are blown away by the cool breeze.

Your escape is near, your summer, here.

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Into the world of wellness

Escape the heat of the blazing sun. Take refuge inside for an instant whilst you experience a massage or body care treatment. Allow your visit to Nordik Spa-Nature to be entirely for you. Find comfort and bliss under the hands of a talented massage therapist or feel rejuvenated under the care of an esthetician. You deserve the best of wellness.

A dream getaway

In a Nordik Lodge

Take your wellness moment a step further by transforming your day into a getaway. Discover our nature lodges, perched at the summit of Nordik Road in Chelsea. Sprinkle your stay with spa days and come back to your home for the day. Watch the sunrise or sunset colour breathtaking views of downtown Ottawa and the hills of Gatineau Park.

Let yourself be charmed by Old Chelsea and all it has to offer, in your own slice of Nordik paradise.


Airy open spaces, including an outdoor cocktail area and breathtaking views. The perfect setting to make some new memories.


Peacefully surrounded by nature, and equipped with large windows offering plenty of light, this cottage has all the comforts you need for an unforgettable stay.

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