Experience autumn at the spa

Visit the spa in the fall for a moment of comfort in the heart of nature.

Let yourself be transported by a feeling of well-being in a place where the senses are awakened.


Benefits for your mood

Take care of your body and mind this fall by incorporating thermotherapy into your wellness ritual.

Restore your energy, strengthen your immune system, and eliminate cumulative fatigue.

Banyä Treatment

Invigorating | Detoxifying | Festive

Do you suffer from seasonal depression?

To restore your vitality this fall, dare to try the Banyä treatment. Beyond giving you back your energy, the treatment helps strengthen the immune system and promotes sleep.


An experience in itself

Enhance your spa experience with a massage in the heart of nature, in our wooden pavilions tucked away in the treetops.

Let yourself be carried away by the autumnal breeze or the soothing sound of rain while you’re nestled in warmth. Offer yourself this one-of-a-kind relaxation moment.