Your summer hideaway,
whatever the weather.

Savour your summer

Relax in harmony with nature

Nordik Spa-Nature provides you with an abundance of benefits, no matter the weather. Our spa adapts to nature’s rhythm, ensuring every experience is unique!

Need to cool down?

Take a refreshing break

During a heatwave, the spa transforms into an oasis of freshness. The natural greenery provides shade and a gentle breeze, while our baths (both cold and temperate) allow you to fully enjoy the summer heat and leave feeling energized!

Make the most
of a beautiful day

Reconnect this summer

Gather your friends and head to a terrace with one of the most stunning views in the region: the Biërgarden. On a perfect summer day, this enchanting setting is the ideal place to reconnect and make the most of the season. Plus, with 10 outdoor baths to choose from, everyone will be able to take advantage of the warm weather.

Your cozy hideaway
for a cool summer day

The ideal temperature to relax

When the temperature drops and the air feels a bit cooler, do you prefer to snuggle up by the fire or sink into a hot bath? No need to decide! We have lots of ways to get cozy – some you may have never tried before.

Discover the magic of the spa
during a summer rainfall

Be inspired by nature

Don’t let a rainy forecast get in the way of taking care of yourself. Take in the beauty of a gentle rainfall or be surprised by an unexpected downpour – there’s really no better time for a self-care day than when it’s grey outside. In any case, you’ll already be in your bathing suit!

Simplify your spa day

One click at a time

Planning your visit to Nordik Spa-Nature has never been easier! Book online and customize your day – reserve your access to the thermal experience, book a massage or body treatment, and choose the date and arrival time that works for you!