Behind the Scenes: Top 5 Plants in Our Corporate Office

Behind the Scenes: Top 5 Plants in Our Corporate Office

  • August 6, 2021

Lately, we’ve been making our workspaces feel like home – literally, for many of us. Whether at your kitchen table, your home office, or back at your trusty cubicle, adding a variety of plants does wonders for both productivity and mood.  

Here is a peek behind the curtain of how we embellish our corporate office with greenery!  


What is horticultural therapy?  

Before we unveil our favourite houseplants, allow us to tell you about horticultural therapy.  

A time-proven practice, horticultural therapy – roughly defined as garden therapy – uses plants, landscaping, gardening, and all horticultural activities to promote wellness. The therapeutic benefits of gardening have been documented for centuries. Horticultural therapy helps improve cognitive abilities, memory and socialization.  

Whilst this kind of practice is centred around gardening, it has also been proven that simply being in the presence of plants offers many benefits:  

  • Superior attention span and concentration  
  • Increase in productivity and creativity  
  • Faster recovery time 
  • Lower stress levels 
  • Better indoor air quality 

Behind the scenes of the Groupe Nordik offices 

Because wellness is important whether you are at the spa or the office, we’ve dotted the latter with a wide variety of greenery to bring some sunshine and fresh air to everyone’s desk.  

Our artisans working at the spa also get to experience the benefits of horticultural therapy. Curious about what grows at the spa? Read our blog about 5 plants to discover at Nordik Spa-Nature 

Here are our top five office plants:  

1. Zamioculcas Zamiifolia 

Better known as the ZZ plant, this houseplant is incredibly easy to care for. Some would even call it indestructible.  

zz plant 

2. Aloe Vera 

One of the most widely used medicinal plants on Earth, Aloe is especially in demand come summertime! This succulent does best in well-draining soil, dry conditions and plenty of sunshine.  

aloe vera 

3. Pothos  

A Marble Queen Pothos, to be exact. Above all, pothos are amazing air purifiers and remove common household toxins from the air. As beautiful as they are beneficial!   


4. Jade Plant 

Native to South Africa, this succulent is extremely hardy and easy to grow. It flourishes in bright sunny spots.   

jade plant

5. Bird of Paradise 

The grandest of our office houseplants, Birds of Paradise can easily grow up to six feet tall (approximately 183 cm) indoors. They add a tropical flair to our office.  

bird of paradise

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