Spa Etiquette

Nordik Spa-Nature's code of conduct

For everyone’s wellbeing!

In order to provide you with the best relaxation experience according to the highest standards of quality of the spa, Nordik Spa-Nature asks its guests to follow this code of conduct during their relaxation getaway:

  • Silence is required in all saunas on the site
  • To preserve the atmosphere of relaxation, guests may wear only bathing suits and bathrobes on the site. The bathing suit must offer sufficient coverage, for men as well as women.
  • For hygienic reasons, please use a towel at all times to sit on in our dry saunas.
  • Our establishment is proud to offer a non-smoking environment, including a ban on e-cigarettes.
  • Behaviour deemed inappropriate will not be tolerated. (E.g., exaggerated displays of affection, aggressive behaviour towards our staff or other guests, intoxication due to alcohol or other drugs, including cannabis).
  • To maximize the relaxation experience of our guests, the use of cell phones and cameras on the site is prohibited. However, it is tolerated in the various restaurant areas.
  • For safety reasons, glass containers are prohibited on the site.
  • Guests must wear sandals, a shirt or bathrobe covering the shoulders or upper body in our restaurants.
  • Outside food or alcohol is not permitted on our premises.
  • For our guest’s well-being, smoking is prohibited on the entire site. Ashtray stations are only provided in the parking lot.
  • The site is reserved for 16 years and over. Guests aged 16 and 17 must present identification card to access the site.

Please note that thermotherapy exacerbates the effects of alcohol and drugs. Therefore, for health and safety matters, it is advisable to abstain or to drink responsibly. We may ask you to safely leave the premises if you appear intoxicated.

We reserve the right to ask you to leave the premises if spa etiquette is not respected, without any compensation on our part. In some cases, this may lead to forbidden access to the site in the future.

Please note

We are not responsible for any lost, forgotten, damaged, or stolen personal items, either on the site or in your locker or car.

Since we cannot control changing weather conditions, electrical outages or water main breaks, no compensation will be given in the event that our baths and saunas are closed due to unforeseen circumstances.

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