A Conversation With Nordik Chef David Arseneau

A Conversation With Nordik Chef David Arseneau

  • July 26, 2021

Our very own Chef David Arseneau answered some of our questions so that we may get to know him—and his food—a little better.

How did you become a chef here at Nordik?

Le Nordik has always been a prominent fixture in the Outaouais region. With a kitchen that highlights produce from local farms, and with a team of passionate highly skilled staff—in both back and front of the house—it was the obvious choice when deciding to move back to the area.

Do you recall the first dish you ever cooked?

My father taught me how to make Caesar Salad dressing from scratch when I was seven years old. It was a permanent fixture on weekends at home, and I’ve always made sure to feature the recipe on my menus as a professional Chef.

What cuisines influence your dishes the most?

I’ve always been drawn to both French and Italian cuisines. However, I draw inspiration from the techniques of many other cultures, especially, Japanese cooking!

How would you describe your style of cooking?

I try my best to let the great ingredients we use shine. You don’t need over-the-top preparations when the flavours of the seasonal products are so good!

What is your favourite weekday meal to put together?

I often love cooking a nice fresh piece of fish with a salad. Great organic greens, whatever vegetables are available and fresh, some grains and nuts, and a nice flavourful vinaigrette. If I have some extra time, I love making fresh pasta to make some stuffed Agnolotti with a sauce beurre blanc.

What is the one thing you always keep in your refrigerator or pantry at home?

ALWAYS lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and a few craft beers from a variety of amazing Outaouais brewers, along with some charcuterie meats and cheese—just in case!

What would you say is your favourite Nordik dish?

We have a lovely tuna tartare with avocado chilli mayo, ponzu & black garlic vinaigrette, with togarashi seasoning. It’s amazingly fresh and flavourful.

If you were to go on a foodie holiday, where would you go?

My most recent foodie holiday was to Sweden, Denmark, and the Netherlands to visit some of the Michelin Star restaurants in the area—most notably—Faviken and Relae. It was so nice to see such fresh seasonal and indigenous products used in simple and creative ways. I would go back in a heartbeat!

How do you see the Outaouais’s food scene evolving?

There are such amazing products available from all of the farms in the area. With the after-effects of covid-19 (high shipping costs, product shortages and limited supply), chefs will be more dependent on what’s around them. What a wonderful opportunity to highlight all of the great producers we have so close!

Any parting words?

With such an amazing team in the kitchen and quality producers in the area to highlight, I’m excited to bring great things to the table here, at Nordik Spa-Nature.

Enjoy a spa day & spa food