Overview of the Site

Three areas, three experiences

Nordik Spa-Nature has thought of everything. Depending on the experience you want, you can choose the section best for you to fully benefit from your visit to the spa. How are you feeling today?

Kaskad area

Silent section

Do you need to escape every‑day life and recharge your batteries? The Kaskad area is perfect for you. It’s here that silence reigns at all times. Perfect for a little relaxation time by yourself, Kaskad offers a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Silence is golden here, so you can achieve peak relaxation. This is the place to go to give yourself a break, get in touch with your inner self, relax, and completely unwind.

Borëa area

Whisper section

Ideal for a couple’s relaxation getaway, the Borëa area is the sector where you can speak quietly and in total privacy. It was specially designed to strike a balance between complete silence and sustained conversation. It’s the zone where you can whisper and murmur from time to time without anyone else listening in on your discussions. However, silence is mandatory in all the saunas on site.

Nordik has created the Borëa area so you can enter an intimate bubble and appreciate this moment of relaxation with your partner. Make yourself comfortable, this is your kingdom.

Panorama Area

Social section

If you want to enjoy a little relaxation time with your friends, the Panorama area is ready to welcome you. It’s located at one end of the site and is specially set up for social gatherings at the spa. Here, you can talk and discuss freely with your friends without worrying about disturbing other guests. However, silence is mandatory in all the saunas on site.

What a great idea! Group relaxation is a dream made reality in the Panorama area!