Aufguss Ritual

A ritual of sight, scent and feel

Aufguss, from the German “infusion”

Discover a multi-sensory wellness ritual which stems from the idea that saunas serve a greater purpose than that of sweat alone. Based on an ancient practice, this ritual uses essential oil enriched snowballs to heighten the health benefits of traditional vaporization techniques. Witness a harmonious dance of heat and choreographed towel movements. Each experience is as unique as it is therapeutic and meditative.  

As we constantly strive to offer you the best in wellness and thermotherapy, we are pleased to offer you Aufguss rituals in our Finlandia sauna as part of your thermal experience.


In short

Location: Finlandia sauna

Schedule: Available at the entrance of Finlandia

Duration: Approximately 15 minutes

The Aufguss ritual is announced by a gong. We always use pure and natural essential oils.

A unique experience

The Aufguss ritual is announced with the ringing of a gong. When you hear it, head to the Finlandia sauna. Make yourself comfortable on your towel.

For the next 15 minutes enjoy an experience like no other. Feel the heat rise throughout the ritual and enriched vapour fill the sauna. For your first Aufguss, sit on the lower benches and as you become more experienced, one ritual at a time, you may head higher and higher. Should the heat become too much, you may leave at any time, without worries.

A harmonious dance of vapour

The Rituals Artisan arrives carrying essential oil-infused snowballs. Following a short introduction and explanation of what is to come, the ritual begins.

Essential oils and music are carefully chosen to create a unique and deeply personal performance. Allow yourself to be enchanted by the melody. The Rituals Artisan sets the first essential oil-infused snowball onto the hot stones. As it melts away, your Aufguss journey commences.

The Rituals Artisan uses a large towel and choreographed movements to agitate the air, fanning those present. All you have to do is breathe in and out and allow yourself to be awash by benefit-rich vapour.

Three essential oils, three carefully selected songs, and heat that increases as you are entranced by the sights, smells and sounds that surround you. Elsewhere is here.

Bringing the ritual to Canada

It all started with two of our artisans choosing to improve their knowledge of sauna rituals. To do so, they travelled to Germany to follow a prestigious five-week “Sauna Meister” course. This intensive path taught them all. From how to maintain and operate a sauna to, most importantly, the intricacies of the Aufguss ritual.

Nordik Spa-Nature is a proud member of the German association “Sauna Bund” which, for over 50 years, has been regulating and supervising the Aufguss rituals of its 900 member institutions.