Our Easy Guide to Antistress Plants 

Our Easy Guide to Antistress Plants 

  • April 26, 2021

Now more than ever, creating our own wellness sanctuary has become an important part of our lives. What better way to cultivate wellness than by growing your very own green oasis? It turns out that filling your home with a variety of plants can help keep you healthy and happy. Plants not only purify the air but also lower stress levels and blood pressure—some even bring forth additional calm-inducing properties.

By introducing plants into our homes—bringing the outdoors in—we are reminded of nature and of the slower pace of life that exists within it, naturally. 

7 Stress-Reducing Plants

aloe plant blog

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is far more than a remedy for sunburns. It is a natural air purifier. It eliminates irritants that can impact the respiratory system and trigger a feeling of unease. Aloe thus reduces anxiety by giving you the freshest of air to breathe.

  • Sun | Indirect
  • Water | Every 2–3 weeks
  • Care | Easy

chamomile plant blog


We’re all familiar with chamomile tea as a bedtime beverage, but have you ever considered growing your own? The gentle floral smell of chamomile is a calming mood booster that helps relieve stress and ensures a good night’s rest. You can even make infusions of fresh flowers or dry them for a cup of relaxing and stomach-soothing tea.

  • Sun | Full
  • Water | Once a week
  • Care | Easy

snake plants blog

Snake Plants

Far less scary than their name implies, snake plants are actually a great stress-relieving option. They improve the air quality of any room by removing harmful toxins—a breath of fresh air. Snake plants are also known to ease eye irritations, headaches and breathing problems.

They even grow vertically, so you can save a bit of floor space!

  • Sun | Indirect to low
  • Water | Every 2 to 4 weeks
  • Care | Easy

lavender plant blog


A well-known favourite of aromatherapists, lavender is synonymous with tranquillity. However, we seldom think of bringing it into our home in its plant form. Its beautiful hue and calming scent are incredibly calming, as well as known to induce sleep.

If you have a sunshine-filled bathroom, making it your potted lavender’s home is a great choice—the steam from a hot shower will flood the room with lavender’s heady perfume. You can always cut a few sprigs to leave around the house too.

  • Sun | Full
  • Water | Every 2 weeks
  • Care | Medium to Easy

basil plant blog


Fresh herbs are a great addition to any dish, but basil offers benefits far beyond the kitchen. This plant pumps oxygen into the air for 20 hours of every day, thus purifying it which can reduce blood pressure, stress levels and act as a mood booster.

  • Sun | Full
  • Water | Every few days
  • Care | Easy

fern plant blog


Ferns are akin to humidifiers—they put moisture back into the air and improve the quality of it. Breathing easier relieves stress. Ferns are beautiful and full plants that can brighten any room, however, they do like humid environments, so keep that in mind when purchasing one.

  • Sun | Indirect
  • Water | Once a week
  • Care | Medium

plant blog post

English Ivy

Absolutely beautiful when its vines spill out of a hanging basket, English ivy is far more than just pretty. It purifies the air thus reducing headaches and promoting a good night’s rest. It also divests homes of more than 90% of its mould. Exposure to mould can increase irritability, depression, insomnia as well as worsen signs of asthma and allergies.

  • Sun | Full to partial
  • Water | Twice a week
  • Care | Easy

plant blog post

Spending time caring for plants is a lovely way to step back and look after ourselves. Taking the time to water, prune and repot plants requires one to step away from electronic devices and other responsibilitiesan opportunity to leave worries behind for an instant. Nurturing a plant and seeing it grow may also boost self-esteem and be extremely rewarding.   Choosing the perfect anti-stress plant is easy. Whilst some carry greater mood-boosting properties than others, all plants have the capacity to help us grow mentally. 

Care for it, and it will care for you.  

Try a massage for an extra dose of calm