Earth Day Every Day: A Few of Our Green Practices

Earth Day Every Day: A Few of Our Green Practices

  • April 19, 2024

At Nordik Spa-Nature, we’re dedicated to fostering a deeper connection with nature and our community. Join us on our journey towards sustainability and wellness, and perhaps find inspiration to integrate these values into your own lifestyle. 

This Earth Day, let’s honour our planet by exploring some of the green initiatives that define our spa experience, seamlessly blending nature and wellness into every moment. 

We shop locally.

Whether it’s in our restaurants or in our boutique, we prioritize local suppliers. In our boutique, you can find soaps made here, near Chelsea, and exfoliating salt made near Thermëa spa village in Whitby. Prioritizing local vendors, like Seed to Sausage and Heavenly Honey, helps us shorten the chain of transport and reduce our carbon footprint. 

charcuterie board made with local ingredients

We encourage sustainable travel.   

The spa offers free charging stations for electric vehicles and bicycle racks to encourage sustainable travel.

We repurpose materials.

Did you know we have our own wood shop and workshop at our headquarters in Gatineau? Here, artisans make the furniture and custom pieces that bring life to the spas. In the shop, we reuse old barn wood, and we repurpose metal and pipes. All these touches are not only sustainable but bring an authentic feel to the experience. 

materials being repurposed for spa furniture

We help the bees!  

Did you know Nordik Spa-Nature has its own beehives? We currently have 3 hives and are getting ready to welcome 2 more. We collected 90lbs of honey last summer and, in the spirit of hyperlocal ingredients, have already started adding it to our dishes.    

We offer a paperless experience.   

All our receipts are sent electronically to eliminate paper waster. Our online gift certificates are also incredibly convenient when it comes to last-minute giftsno need to run to the shops, just go straight to your inbox! 

 spa goers checking in

We plant with purpose.   

The spa’s landscaping was done with purpose. Every plant was chosen for a specific reason. One of our favourites, lavender, is not only amongst our signature scents but is also a super attractor for beneficial biodiversity, attracting butterflies, bees, dragonflies and ladybugs.
We’ve also opted for cedar mulch which keeps mosquitoes away without needing pesticides. 

We care for the ocean, lakes and rivers.  

As a proud partner of the Ocean Wise Seafood program, our restaurant only offers seafood which relieves pressure on overfished species and supports sustainable systems that limit bycatch and habitat damage.  

chef preparing a fish plate

We shop sustainably.    

When we can’t find local suppliers, we focus on vendors who share our values and care about sustainability. The company whose products we use during our body care treatmentsComfort Zoneis a Certified B Corporation. In our restaurants, you’ll find Loop juices who use “rejected” fruits and vegetables to fight food waste.

woman receiving face care treatment at the spa

We are energy efficient. 

With our 15 years of experience, we understand the impact that properly designing our mechanical system can have on our energy consumption and, in turn, the environment. Our mechanical rooms are state of the art in terms of energy efficiency and recuperation. 

We extract energy from the air that’s evacuated from the buildings and from equipment that rejects heat. Using green roofs on some of our saunaslike Maa and Tulialso helps us insulate them naturally and conserve energy and heat.    

 2 people enjoying the dry sauna

We facilitate the use of reusable water bottles.   

In a space where drinking water is so importantafter a massage, a sauna session or outside on a sunny daywe’ve made refilling your water bottles as easy as can be. Our refill stations are there to replace plastic water bottles. You can also find refreshment stations around the spa for delicious, infused waters.  

As we reflect on the significance of Earth Day, lets embrace the opportunity to align our actions with our values. By exploring our green initiatives, both big and small, we contribute to a more sustainable future for our planet and generations to come.