What’s new

Here is what's new at Nordik Spa-Nature!

Express treatments and massages in nature

Chair massage, hands, eyes and scalp treatments

NEW! Express 25-minutes body treatments and chair massage are now offered outside.

Comfortably sitting on the Espace Banyä terrace, wrapped up in your bathrobe, receive an outdoor treatment, with a stunning view of the site as a bonus. Now, how a chair massage in nature will make you feel relaxed.

Enhance your summer spa experience! Give us the pleasure of taking care of you.

Choose one of our 3 condensed body treatments:

  • Rejuvenating Hand Care
  • Eyes Treatment
  • Face and Scalp Care

We also offer a short chair massage.

The availability of these outdoor express treatments and massages depends on the weather.

Onsite booking only.

New policy : Entirely non-smoking environment

For everyone’s well-being!

Prioritizing its guest’s health, Nordik Spa-Nature will be offering a non-smoking environment on its entire site.

Smoking on the path leading to the reception won’t be allowed anymore. Smokers will have to use the ashtray stations provided in the parking lot. Before going out of the site, you will be asked to leave your bracelet and your Nordik bathrobe to the employees.

Thank you for your understanding.

Nordik’s job fair

Tuesday May 29th, 2018

Become a wellness creator!

You want to work in a warm and welcoming environment that is constantly expanding? There are some job openings at the Nordik Spa-Nature, but also at the Nordik Group! Come and talk with our passionate team that will be there to meet you and to answer your questions, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

On May 29th, meet us at the Lodge Alpina and take the opportunity to give your resume to the Human Resources team. Combining professional challenge with personal development is the spirit of Nordik.

Team up with us!

NEW! Purifying Himalayan Salt Body Treatment

A detoxifying, regenerative body treatment now available at Nordik

Starting April 23, our Nordik estheticians will offer a new Himalayan salt body treatment. Discover the many virtues of this exfoliating body treatment and antibacterial pink crystal salt, which was formed 250 million years ago in northern Pakistan.

This whole body exfoliating treatment is provided in three steps:

  1. Rubbing with Himalayan salt stones
  2. Exfoliation with essential oils and Himalayan salt grains
  3. A Comfort Zone moisturizing cream wrap

Four warm Himalayan salt stones are placed on your back. The heat transports you into a soothing atmosphere. Then you are rubbed with Himalayan salt stones, which opens your skin pores to prepare for exfoliation, the treatment’s final stage.

Our exfoliating scrub recipe, which combines Himalayan salt grains and a blend of Comfort Zone essential oils, helps purify the body, regenerate and soften the skin while producing a calming effect. Scrubbing helps remove dead skin, stimulate circulation, reduce cellulite and improve the health of your skin. All this is topped off with a generous, enveloping application of a rich, superior quality moisturizing cream. This is what body treatment is all about!

Himalayan Salt

Buried for millennia, this salt oxidized when it came into contact with the iron present beneath the earth, which gives it its characteristic pink colour. It is extremely rich in mineral salts, magnesium and iodine, and nutrients that have not been exposed to modern air pollutants and contribute to cell regeneration.

The new Himalayan salt body treatment is a real experience in itself!

April is Thermotherapy Month

Hot + Cold + Rest = Wellness

The thermal cycle is THE star of the show at Nordik Spa-Nature!

In April, our team is committed to helping you discover all the secrets of thermotherapy. Learn the steps and the different ways they can be experienced to suit your tolerance level. Then, enjoy the many benefits and maximize your relaxation.

What type of thermal cycle works best for you? That’s what you’ll know after visiting the spa for a guided thermal cycle, led by Nordik ambassadors. Guided thermal cycles will be offered from Sunday to Friday at noon and 3:30 p.m., at no additional cost. The mysteries of thermotherapy will be revealed to you, and it will become an essential part of your health and wellness ritual.

Become THERMAL CYCLE CERTIFIED and enjoy a 15% discount on your next spa visit.