THAI MASSAGE – Specialty

At a glance

  • Specialty Massage
  • Length:
    90 minutes
  • Type of massage:
    Energizing, immersive, meditative
  • Technique:
    Fluid, with yoga-inspired stretching
  • Pressure level:
    Medium, firm, and strong
  • Benefits:
    Pain management, stimulates the immune system, reduces stress and anxiety
  • Features:
    Achieves balance between body and mind
  • Rate:
    60 minutes: $120
    90 minutes: $165

Choose a unique massage totally different from anything you’ve tried so far. Unlike other massages, the Thai massage is performed on the floor and you are dressed in comfortable clothing. It’s a marriage of yoga, certain forms of tai chi, spirituality, meditation, and encompasses all the benefits of therapeutic massage. It consists of a combination of pressures, acupressure points, joint mobilization, and passive stretching based on yoga. It provides inner peace, profound calm, and is an exercise in total abandonment.

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