A spring break for adults

A spring break for adults

  • February 14, 2018

You need it as much as the kids do.

March break is the halfway point between the holidays and the end of the school year. It’s the time of year when we feel a bit run down by our routine, our jobs, and our homework. If the kids need a break before the final sprint to summer, parents and teachers need one too.

It’s you I’m thinking about. Here’s what Nordik recommends for you to relax this week!

1- Discover the Banyä treatment

This is your opportunity to expericence Banyä, as it will be offered Tuesday through Thursday at 2 p.m. This Russian-inspired treatment has 4 steps and takes 60 minutes. It’s a unique ritual known for its many benefits for the body and mind. Careful, you might get hooked! Book ahead, as places are limited.

The 4 steps of Banyä:

1- Infusion with birch veniks
2- Exfoliation with salts and essential oils
3- Beating ritual with birch veniks
4- Celebratory Aufguss ritual

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2- You have time: book a massage

Finally, you have some time to work out the knots in your neck and back. Why not book a 60- or 90‑minute massage in the middle of the day, however you want it: solo, with a friend, or in nature. This moment is for you, a gift to yourself.

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3- Tuesdays are for the girls

Every Tuesday evening, the Panorama Lounge offers a special menu designed for a girls’ night out. After a day on the slopes with the kids, meet up with your friends at the spa for some girls-only relaxation.  Make your girl’s night perfect while enjoying a glass of bubbly in Näkymä, or biting into some juicy gossip.

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This spring break, take care of yourself. You deserve a break too.


Anne-Marie Charron, wellness blogger