The Aufguss Ritual, A One Of A Kind Experience

The Aufguss Ritual, A One Of A Kind Experience

  • December 18, 2018

Have you ever experienced an Aufguss ritual at the spa?

The name Aufguss comes from the German word for infusion. Set in a dry sauna, the ritual utilizes three snowballs with different essential oils and three carefully selected songs. The Aufgussiers – those who perform the Aufguss rituals – use towels and distinct curated movements to circulate the air within the sauna. The atmosphere, along with the enriched vapour and intensifying heat, create numerous physical and psychological benefits for those experiencing it.

Each day at Nordik Spa-Nature, there is an Aufguss ritual every two hours in our Finlandia sauna, announced by the sound of a gong. The Aufgussiers choose the essential oils and music, making each ritual different than the last. As each Aufgussier adds their personal touches and preferences, it’s also a very personal experience. When the first infused snowball is set onto the hot stones, vapour with health enhancing properties is released and the Aufguss has begun.

The performance lasts around 15 minutes. As the heat rises considerably throughout, reaching around 140-160 degrees, you’re welcome to leave at any point. However, staying for the entire ritual is the best way to experiment it to its fullest.

Engaging guests inside the sauna with a multi-sensory experience is an entertaining take on relaxing, and one that is gaining acclaim around the world. The culture surrounding Aufguss has grown to the point where there are renowned schools, events and competitions.

The question is, why exactly is this ancient form of thermotherapy becoming so sought-after? The uniqueness of each Aufguss is what sets this ritual apart from the rest. These professionally trained Aufgussiers are there to ensure you get the most out of your experience, by directing the infused steam towards the bathers in a particular and interesting manner. They are maintaining a healthy and balanced environment, purifying the air for those inside the sauna. Their performance resembles a contemporary dance routine, but one with therapeutic effects. The only thing each Aufguss ritual has in common is that the senses of the guests are being stimulated, due to what they’re seeing, smelling, hearing, and feeling.

The Nordik Spa-Nature’s Aufgussiers in Europe

Join two of our Aufgussiers, Jade and Gabrielle, on their European adventures, as they train and compete in Europe. Traveling from country to country, including Holland and Germany, they will be visiting as many spas as they can, learning as much as possible, working with the best in their field, and competing against other Aufgusiers from around the world at the Freestyle Classic Aufguss. A jury will evaluate the competitors on their professionalism, graciousness, emotions, heat distribution, fragrances, waving techniques, theme, show elements, team spirit, and their ability to freestyle and perform to music they haven’t heard before. Jade and Gabrielle’s goal is to represent Nordik Spa-Nature, sharing their experience with the community and shining a light on the worldwide popularity of the traditional thermotherapy ritual.

We look forward to seeing all that Jade and Gabrielle accomplish in Europe. We invite you to follow along and help us cheer on our Aufgussiers throughout their travels, training and competition. The pair will share their experience on Instagram and will be followed by Montreal-based YouTuber Fred Bastien, so that we can share in their journey. If you’re interested in taking part in an Aufguss ritual, visit Nordik Spa-Nature and experience the magic for yourself.  It is part of the thermal experience, and comes at no additional costs. It’s a must-do for anyone wanting to experience ultimate relaxation.


Aidan Belanger
Wellness Blogger