The Nordik Spa-Nature, now safer and more technological

The Nordik Spa-Nature, now safer and more technological

  • August 5, 2020

We have recently innovated and put technology to work to ensure business recovery. From arrival to departure, every step has been thought out to create a safe environment for our visitors. To tell us about this, Nicolas Joanisse, Technology Manager at the Nordik Group, explains all the work done in recent months, as well as the new features that you will discover during your next visit to the spa.

Where did the idea of ​​reinventing the experience at Nordik come from?

After completing the online reservation process last year, we have embarked on a more technological shift. The goal was simple: we wanted to simplify our processes so that every transaction is performed with an electronic bracelet.

The onset of the pandemic prompted us to review admission. We had to find a way to reduce contact as much as possible. During confinement, it is almost a year of work that was accomplished in just three months.

How does the new process work?

It is pretty simple: you book your day and experiences online, fill out your health check form right away, and then proceed to payment.

When you enter our premises, you collect an electronic bracelet from the front desk. On one of our terminals, you then scan your bracelet, your QR code received by email and you activate the pre-authorization. There you have it, all you have to do is relax and fully enjoy your stay.

Now, the bracelet brings it all together. It becomes your user ID, your payment method and it allows you to unlock your contactless locker. Thanks to this technological gem, no need to think about your wallet or your credit card. You can now purchase drinks and snacks in our various gourmet areas without having to use a terminal. Thus, everything becomes easier and safer.

What does this actually change?

There are many advantages to having integrated these new technologies. Our establishment is safer for our customers since there is practically no contact. Registration is faster at the reception and the addition of experiences is done directly through your bracelet. On our side, it also improves our efficiency. Through monitoring the bracelets, we can control the number of people in the spa, in addition to facilitating transactions.

How much work did it entail?

“Hundreds and hundreds of hours,” he tells us, laughing. Concretely, we adopted a phase approach. We started with an assessment of our needs, then we designed the concept and proceeded with the production (coding). Since there are a dozen applications that work in harmony, it takes a lot of work to tie it all together.

What feedback have you received from customers since your reopening?

People notice greater speed and fluidity. Admission and transactions are settled in seconds, and adding services is easier than ever. We can also see this by consulting the comments we receive on Facebook or with Google reviews.

Do we see this everywhere?

Online booking is common. For the rest, we are quite innovative. Several companies, colleagues from other spas as well as companies from completely different backgrounds have taken an interest in our technologies. Above all our improvements, the notion of controlling the number of people in the same place given the current context is of most interest to them.

With a renewed welcome process and the addition of new technologies, we have made every effort to provide security, simplicity and well-being to our customers. Come and enjoy a new experience, in peace.

To find out about all of our health measures in place, follow this link.