At a glance

  • Specialty Massage
  • Length:
    60 minutes
  • Type of massage:
    Immersive, dynamic, vigorous
  • Technique:
    Long and deep, fluid and relaxing, quick and strong
  • Pressure level:
    Medium, firm, and strong



  • Benefits:
    Eases nervous tension, relieves muscle tension, stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, and awakens bodily sensations
  • Features:
    Restores mental and physical energy. Perfect for active and athletic people!
  • Rate:
    60 minutes: $120

Sports and outdoor enthusiasts, release your tension and restore vitality to your muscles with a tonic massage. Combining the best elements of traditional Hawaiian (Lomi-Lomi) and Swedish massages, this technique is notable for its strength and fluidity. Forearms, elbows, and palms work together to create wide and deep movements that stimulate blood circulation and generate renewed vitality. This massage incorporates a psycho-corporeal approach that awakens the senses and is a unique, immersive, and intense experience to undergo.

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