Embrace a new world of wellness

We have travelled the world to bring you carefully crafted experiences. A balance of international inspiration and deeply rooted traditions. Having brought elsewhere here, the spa is now home to unique signature treatments. Explore the restful floating sensation and experience weightlessness in Källa. The best in wellness awaits.   

Descend into Källa

Our underground saltwater flotation pool

Enter a mythical world where gravity ceases to exist. Find a place where you may lose track of both space and time. Below the spa, you will find a cavernous pool saturated in Epsom salt, where weightlessness is made possible. As you float and are transported to a meditative state, feel your worries dissipate.   

Discover the Aufguss Ritual

A harmonious dance of vapour

The sound of the gong beckons you. Follow the reverberating tone to the sauna and embark on a journey to elsewhere. Your thermal experience access allows you to experience an array of rituals free of additional charges. Discover ancient traditions adapted and transformed to be true to our own roots. Allow yourself to be entranced by this dance of vapour.