Treatments and Rituals

Källa Treatment

Our saltwater flotation pool

Experience mental and physical bliss, as well as weightlessness whilst floating in Källa  – our underground Epsom salt flotation pool inspired by the Dead Sea.

Time spent here encourages restorative sleep, helps with inflammation and muscle recovery, stimulates creativity, reduces stress, and releases tension.

Banyä Treatment

Inspired by a 1000-year old tradition

Temporarily unavailable

Our Banyä treatment, inspired by Russian tradition, balances dry heat and steam. Among its many benefits, the treatment is known to improve blood circulation, cleanse the skin, eliminate toxins, and boost immunity.

This festive ritual includes four steps:

Step 1 – Infusion with birch veniks
Step 2 – Exfoliation with salts and essential oils prepared on site
Step 3 – Whipping ritual with birch veniks
Step 4 – Celebratory Aufguss ritual

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Aufguss Ritual

A ritual of sight, scent, and feel.

Temporarily unavailable

Allow yourself to experience a magical, one-of-a-kind moment. When you hear the call, head to the Finlandia sauna and get comfortable on your towel as the dance of vapour begins.

Using choreographed towel movements, Rituals Artisan circulate hot air created by melting snowballs infused with natural essential oils, enhancing the many benefits of the dry sauna.

Aufguss rituals are included with your thermal experience access.