Massages: So Much More Than a Moment of Relaxation

Massages: So Much More Than a Moment of Relaxation

  • February 1, 2017

More than just a moment of relaxation, massages not only contribute to reduce stress, but also to prevent illness and improve your mental and physical health.

Massage therapy is often considered a “little luxury” that we treat ourselves to in order to relax in times of stress. We “treat” ourselves to a massage once in a while, as a gift, to take care of ourselves, or as a reward. However, the benefits of massage therapy are much wider, and are good to know.

More than just a good way to relax, massages can, of course, reduce stress, but they can also prevent illness and improve your mental and physical health. So we should allow ourselves this gift regularly, as part of a process to reach a state of wellness throughout the year, just like a gym or theatre membership!

1- The positive effects of massage on the body

Massage therapy has many positive effects on the body’s biomechanics. People suffering from chronic or recurring pain, athletes, and outdoor activity enthusiasts should take note. Massage therapy is increasingly popular because of the key role it plays in reducing muscular pain and tension. It may also interest you to know that massage therapy has a positive effect on quality of sleep, which is the basis of a high quality of life.

Massage suggestions: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Tonic, Thai

You may consider these massages to:

  • Relieve chronic pain
  • Improve sleep
  • Soften muscles and make them more flexible
  • Ease tension
  • Improve joint mobility

2- Positive effects of massage on the organism

Massage therapy also contributes to revitalizing the body and strengthening the immune system when used over a long period of time. Massages help provide the tools needed to defend, protect, and improve the body’s overall health condition.

Massage suggestions: Thai, Hot Stone, Lymphatic Drainage

You may consider these massages to:

  • Improve quality of sleep, sooth and calm
  • Increase respiratory capacity
  • Improve digestion and reduce constipation
  • Improve blood circulation and lymphatic system
  • Improve skin condition
  • Strengthen the immune system

3- Positive effects of massage on psychological and emotional health

Massage therapy has a major psychological impact. It has antianxiety effects and can even reduce symptoms of depression. Touch stimulates the nerves and produces endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin, which gives a pleasurable sensation, as well as cytosine, which reduces stress. Receiving a massage on a regular basis reduces stress and improves mood. So when you’re feeling down, when the sun is not shining as much, when you no longer feel your best, get into the habit of booking yourself a massage. You will feel better!

Massage suggestions: Californian, Thai, Hot Stone

You may consider these massages to:

  • Rest, relax, and improve your overall wellbeing
  • Fight stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Improve body awareness
  • Increase energy flow
  • Increase emotional awareness
  • Improve self-esteem and self-worth

4- The positive effects of massage for athletes

Integrating massage therapy into your training program can help improve your performance and reach your maximum physical potential while reducing the risk of injury by helping your body recover faster.
In most cases, sports injuries are caused by tight muscles. By increasing your range of movement, massages become a valuable ally to help you prevent injury. It’s also essential for mental preparation. Before a competition or an important race, massage therapy can help increase your mental acuity and improve your confidence, as well as reduce stress that may be caused by this event.

Massage suggestions: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Tonic, Thai

You may consider these massages to:

  • Improve your range of movement
  • Prevent or reduce risk of injury
  • Release tension points
  • Increase your mental acuity before a competition
  • Increase your confidence before a competition
  • Reduce your stress level

Massages offered at Nordik Spa-Nature

There are many benefits to massage therapy that are now better known and understood. Massages have many positive effects on the body, the biomechanics, and psychological and emotional health.

Nordik Spa-Nature contributes to your wellbeing by offering 8 types of massages and completely unique experiences. Massages are also offered in duos and outdoors, even during winter!

All massage therapists working at Nordik Spa-Nature are members in good standing of a professional body in Quebec, and can issue receipts for insurance or tax return purposes.

Do yourself some good!