Our top 5 ideas for relaxing gifts to treat your dad

Our top 5 ideas for relaxing gifts to treat your dad

  • June 7, 2017

With Father’s Day coming up, Nordik has a few different gift ideas for you to make Dad happy. Give him the chance for a break to take care of himself. He’s taken care of you all these years! Whether you want to treat an athletic superhero, a lover of all things gourmet, or an old hand at spa relaxation, here are our top 5 relaxing gifts for Dad. After all, he deserves a break too!

1 – Introduce him to the benefits of the spa

Surprise your dad by inviting him to join you at the spa. Why not? A father‑daughter or father‑son outing to introduce him to the ultimate relaxation experience is a unique and creative way to invite him to take a well‑deserved break. Experience the extraordinary sensation of weightlessness together through the Källa treatment, then enjoy a nice craft beer at the Biërgarden. He’ll fall completely in love with the spa. He certainly won’t expect such a treat. It could be the start of a new tradition!

2- Book him a massage

He works hard, he works out, he never stops. In short, your dad is the strongest person you know. Give him a gift that will make him feel great and that will untangle the knots stiffening his muscles one-by-one. Book a Swedish, a Californian, an invigorating or a relaxing massage. Whatever his needs, he will enter a state of complete wellness with us. He really deserves it!

3- Buy him a new bathrobe

Has your dad been wearing the same bathrobe since you were a child? Take matters into your own hands and give him a Nordik men’s bathrobe in charcoal grey. It’s available at the spa boutique. Slip a gift certificate into one of the pockets for his next relaxation getaway at the spa. He’ll be thrilled, that’s for sure… and his partner will thank you.

4- Offer him a relaxation and gourmet pleasures package

Let his stomach guide him, surprise him with a gourmet pleasures package at the spa. Whether he has a discriminating palate or whether he has a special place in his heart for beer, port, wine, or chocolate, your dad will be thrilled by one of our relaxation and gourmet pleasures packages. We guarantee you will make him a happy and satisfied man.

5- Book a facial care for men treatment

Rare are the men who make time to take care of their skin. Take the initiative and book him a facial care treatment specifically designed for men. This most relaxing treatment eliminates, rebalances and tones the skin, while restoring its natural radiance. Dad will be even more handsome, if you can believe it possible.

For Father’s Day, offer him a chance for a break. He deserves it too!

Anne-Marie, wellness blogger