Our Top 5 Romantic Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Our Top 5 Romantic Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

  • January 26, 2018

Valentine’s Day is coming fast. Read on to discover some romantic and relaxing gift ideas to give your better half or for a unique celebration of your love.

1- Book a massage for two in nature

Aim for nothing less than pure romance. Gentlemen, listen carefully. First, book a massage for two in nature. Next, plan for your mother-in-law to take care of the kids. Tell your partner that you’ll pick her up at the end of the day, specifying the date and time, so that you can take her… to seventh heaven.

Surprise her by preserving the mystery. Give her only a single hint: that when you get there, you’ll enjoy a full relaxation experience in the heart of nature, together! That’s what I call a unique romantic experience. For Valentine’s Day this year, go for the Massana-Nature experience.

2- Snowshoeing & Spa under the Stars package

If you want to try something new to celebrate your love this year, let me recommend the Snowshoeing & Spa under the Stars experience. This package is available every Tuesday in the winter, so book now for February 13. After an hour-long snowshoe hike in Gatineau Park, head to the spa and relax. It’s the perfect evening for winter sports lovers. Take this opportunity for a breath of fresh air and to spend some quality time together.

Also, our chef Norman Aitken has created a three-course meal table d’hôte designed to be shared: the Lovers Menu. You can tuck into this romantic dinner throughout the week, from February 10 to 17. Raise a glass to your love.

3- The Banyä treatment

If you’re planning to surprise your partner, I have a completely extraordinary idea for you. Invite them to experience Banyä, a one-hour treatment inspired by Russian tradition. Nordik has offered this treatment three days per week since the fall, but on Valentine’s Day, a special Banyä treatment will be offered at 7 p.m. just for romantic couples. You must absolutely book ahead for this one, because spots are limited.

Banyä is a spectacular ceremony and a unique ritual famed for its many benefits for the body and mind. Believe me when I say it will be the warmest Valentine’s Day of your life!

4- A Nordik bathrobe for him or her

Head to the spa boutique and pick up a Nordik bathrobe. Whether you’re shopping for him or for her, this gift will definitely show how much you love them. The robes are beautiful, comfortable, and of very high quality. Everyone loves them. As one who truly enjoys relaxation and cozy cocooning, your partner deserves the essentials from their favourite spa, don’t you think? Wrap your partner up in relaxation and the plush softness of Nordik’s robes.

5- Nordik candles

I have a secret to share. You probably already know about the various scented Nordik candles sold at the boutique, but did you know that once they melt, the wax can be used as massage oil? My personal favorite is the Bonsai citrus, but the PASSION scented candle is available for a limited time for Valentine’s Day. It’s a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift at a low price. Give them a candle and, as an added bonus, a massage. It’s just another way to show your romantic side.

Love. Give. Relax. Valentine’s Day is that simple.

A glance at Valentine’s Day at the spa:

Because love and relaxation were made for each other.


Anne-Marie, wellness blogger and die-hard romantic