Rediscover How to Take a Break

Rediscover How to Take a Break

  • June 15, 2018

Two days after I joined the Nordik Group’s marketing team, they told me I would be spending my afternoon at the spa on Monday. A good start! Not long after, I was booked for a Banyä treatment…a what? As a model employee, I went to do my research.

They were sending me to be whipped?

That was the word that caught my attention while reading the description of the treatment. However, I quickly realized that I had no reason to worry. After all, it’s pretty rare to hear about anyone suffering at a spa.



4 reasons to dare to get the Banyä treatment

To break away from your routine

Getting the Banyä treatment is like being transported to another world. The relaxation that you feel is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Not to worry, the birch veniks whipping session is done gently. In fact, it’s a technique that was inspired by a Russian tradition. There are four steps to the treatment, all of which are enjoyable. The experience itself is unique and out of the ordinary. You feel transported into nature thanks to the birch veniks and essential oils. The atmosphere in the sauna is festive and this relaxation experience is a spectacle to behold!

To replenish your energy

On Monday, I finished my bachelor’s degree, and on Wednesday, I started working for the Nordik Group. Tuesday was my only summer vacation. As any student will understand, the end-of-term period is exhausting. Because I’m a person who loves to be busy, I was excited to start work and I didn’t really want to take a break. The Banyä treatment was my break, and it made me completely forget that I was at school the week before. The treatment is so invigorating, and that’s what sets it apart from the others. Each component boosts your energy. You’ll be more motivated than ever after the experience!

For a complete detox

The treatment makes your skin so soft, it’s unbelievable. Thanks to the exfoliation step and the essential oils, you’ll leave completely rejuvenated. The sauna steam also eliminates toxins and the birch veniks improve circulation. It’s a detoxifying treatment that will also have a major impact on your immune system.

To lift your spirits

If grey days affect you or if you feel a bit low, try the treatment. During the whipping session, tiny drops of essential oils are deposited on your body and act on the hormonal system. This boosts your mood when it decides to drop off. After one hour, you’ll leave with a feeling of unparalleled relaxation and regain your momentum, guaranteed!

Transported in my own bubble, I was totally relaxed when I continued my day at the spa. It was all I needed to put my lack of sleep from the end of the semester behind and believe me, the effect it had on me was more energizing that a cup of coffee with a double expresso in it.

You should really try it!


Catherine Balogh
Wellness blogger