Meet our wellness creators

Meet our wellness creators

  • June 6, 2019

Nordik Spa-Nature’s Kitchen Team


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work at Nordik Spa-Nature? We’re opening the doors to the behind the scenes of your spa visits, by introducing you to the talented people that work daily to provide a wellness experience to our guests.

We met with some members of our kitchen team to find out what they like about working at Nordik Spa-Nature. Discover their answers! 

Francoys, Cook
3 years with us

I like working at Nordik because it’s a healthy and respectful environment where I’m part of a charismatic and dynamic team. We’re led by a chef and are a team made up of skilled and open-minded people who are always ready to listen to our suggestions for improving work conditions, operations in the kitchen and customer service quality.

Marie, Chef de partie
5 years with us

I like working at Nordik for its environmental side. We’re making efforts to manage recyclables and compostables, and we work with local suppliers. I like the fact that we support local producers and farms in the Outaouais area when we purchase several of our products: cheeses, vegetables, meats, beer and alcohol. We work with fresh and local ingredients; it’s very rewarding!

Lise, Cook
11 years with us

I like working at Nordik because we work with an extraordinary chef, Norm Aitken, who takes the time to listen to us and solve our problems quickly. He is very open to suggestions for improvement so that we can be more productive and happy with our work. In the Nordik Spa-Nature kitchen, you’ll find excellent team spirit! We have good benefits with a steady schedule, time off work, group insurance and free access to the spa.

Adam, Cook
6 years with us

I like working at Nordik because of its pleasant work environment. The team spirit in the kitchen at Nordik is excellent and everyone has a positive attitude. I learn so much every day, and there is always something to do. The supervisors are dynamic and nice to deal with. The benefits are good, with insurance and free access to the thermal experience.

Simon, Cook
4 years with us

I like working at Nordik because my work is rewarding! I like the fact that we have good benefits and tips! My job allows me to work flexible hours, which I really appreciate.

Aliaksandr, Prep cook
2 years with us

As a spa guest, I fell in love with the architecture, facilities and harmony of Nordik Spa-Nature. The fact that we are in the middle of nature is very inspiring to me. I chose to come work here as a cook to experience this harmony in my daily life and grow in a work environment that fosters relaxation and well-being.

Stephen, Storekeeper
6 years with us

I like working at Nordik because it’s close to where I live. I enjoy the cultural diversity of the team in the kitchen — we try to speak each other’s language. The location and food are fantastic! The schedule is good and I have a free meal each day. The atmosphere in the Nordik kitchen is unparalleled; we are a beautiful family.

Jeremie, Dishwasher
I like working at Nordik because we are a big, happy family that can count on each other when we need help. Moreover, the benefits that Nordik offers are great.

Arlen, Chef de partie
2 years with us

I like working at Nordik because I get to work at the biggest spa in North America. Nordik is a source of pride for the Chelsea community and is always expanding, getting bigger every year, with new baths, experiences and treatments. The jobs are very flexible, and the organization offers many opportunities to employees who want to grow.

Serge, Cook
3 years with us

I like working at Nordik because we’re a great team and a big, beautiful family. There is a nice atmosphere with my co-workers, and everyone is respectful. The chef and line cooks are very nice, and the director is thoughtful and caring. The work environment is fantastic. The food that we work with and serve is delicious. Working here is a true passion.

Jean-Pierre, Cook
1 year with us

I like working at Nordik because my team is always at its best, friendly and welcoming, working hard to meet the needs of the customer.

Travis, Sous-chef
9 years with us
I like working at Nordik because there are many opportunities for advancement. The team has become a wonderful family. We receive a lot of recognition from our superiors and we respect each other. My job at Nordik provides me with financial stability.


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