Four Hacks to Survive Winter

Four Hacks to Survive Winter

  • November 7, 2019

There are two types of people: those who wait impatiently for the return of winter, and those who are booking their flight south the minute the first snowflake hits the ground. No matter which category you belong to, there’s always a way to make winter a memorable season – or at the very least, not an unpleasant one!
Here’s some inspiration on how to welcome the cold with open arms.


A Time for Traditions

The holiday season is without a doubt, the highlight of winter. This time of year is steeped in tradition, unique to each family and each group of friends. These moments, whether corny and predictable or grand and joyous, create an excitement that marks our memory. Each year, we find ourselves anticipating their return with a little impatience. Why not take advantage of the approach of the winter season to create new traditions?

Treat the kids to a special spa outing with the Youth in Relaxation Mode event on December 24th or invite your friends for a festive spa outing from December 26th to January 5th.

Event tickets available soon! 


A Moment to Slow Down

If there’s one thing stormy winter days can teach us, it’s that we can’t control everything. As we approach the holiday season, we can get caught up in a frenzy, facing crowds of stressed buyers in the stores, and tiring ourselves out trying to finish everything on time.
Learn from nature by adopting a much slower pace during the winter – and don’t feel guilty about it! There are several good reasons for slowing down and embracing the Slow Living movement.

Escape to the spa to recentre yourself and embrace a healthier lifestyle. You may want to share this new philosophy with your loved ones!

Happiness can be found in simplicity and balance.


Take in the Great Outdoors

We’re fortunate in the national capital region to be surrounded by vast natural spaces. Head to Gatineau Park, Nordik Spa-Nature’s neighbour, and expend some energy enjoying the winter sport of your choice, followed by some gentle relaxation in a warm bath. Schedule this as often as possible for a memorable winter season filled with adrenaline, laughter – and a healthy complexion, too!


Focus on Your Health!

Did you know that a single visit to the spa can strengthen your immune system?
The thermal cycle helps to improve blood circulation and eliminate toxins. Our treatment with Himalayan salt has detoxifying, purifying, and regenerating properties that can also help you fight off cold and flu season. For an extra bonus, add the Källa treatment to enhance these positive effects!

Giving your body this little boost can help get you through the cold winter months with ease.

Whether it’s to take time for yourself or to spoil your loved ones, a winter spa getaway promises to be a magical time.


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Caroline B. Courcy
Wellness blogger