Ways to protect your mental health during uncertain times

Ways to protect your mental health during uncertain times

  • May 13, 2020

As the coronavirus pandemic continues on, the effects of our “new normal” are starting to set in. It’s completely natural and understandable to feel stressed and anxious given the uncertainty we’re facing. It goes without saying that it’s more important than ever to take the time each day to proactively protect your mental health. Here are a few ways you can take care of yourself during this pandemic.

1 – Limit screen time

The general uncertainty combined with the global and personal impacts of this crisis can easily lead to burying your face in your phone or computer in a search for answers. But spending too much time endlessly scrolling can leave you feeling even more overwhelmed than when you started. While it’s important to stay informed, it’s crucial to find balance.

Give yourself time to get updated each day (and make sure you’re getting those updates from credible, reliable sources) and then put your phone down! Unless, of course, you’re calling a friend. Reconnecting with the people we love can help to ease anxiety as well, even if it is over the phone.

2 – Take a moment for mindfulness

In the face of anxiety and overwhelm, mindfulness can be a huge help. There’s growing scientific research to support the positive effects that mindfulness and meditation can have on how we cope with stress, anxiety, and depression. There are countless resources online to help get you started. For more information and guided meditations, we suggest checking out the Calm app (free, with in-app purchases). In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, they’ve also curated a page of resources that are all completely free. Check them out here.

3 – Heal with music

Music can have a huge impact on your mood. If you need a change of pace, put on your favourite song and dance around! (The silver lining to physical distancing is that nobody will see you.) Getting your blood pumping releases endorphins, which will help to boost your mood. If you’re looking for something more soothing as opposed to energizing, check out our Relaxation album for free on Spotify. Play it during your nightly bedtime routine to unwind, relieve stress, and prepare for a restful and restorative sleep.