The Perfect Summer Day in Chelsea

The Perfect Summer Day in Chelsea

  • June 15, 2021

Fall, winter, and spring all have their charm—but there’s something about summer that is undeniably amazing. Blue skies, sunshine, warm breeze and long days—what’s not to love? Here in Chelsea, summer is synonymous with cold plunges, warm summer nights with loved ones and nature taking centre stage. What makes for perfect summer days is up to interpretation, but here’s how we like ours:  


Breakfast at Biscotti & cie 

Whether you make it for opening time at 8 a.m. to grab a well-needed cup of joe—or wait a little later—Biscotti & cie is the perfect place to have breakfast in Chelsea. Just a stone’s throw away from Nordik Spa-Nature and Gatineau Park, this gourmet coffee shop is perfectly located to begin your summer day.  


Explore Gatineau Park 

A few steps from breakfast, you’ll find Gatineau Park’s visitor centre. You can begin your hike from here, right by the picturesque village of Old Chelsea. Or drive a little way to find a different starting point to your adventure. With a plethora of trails—for hiking or biking—there’s plenty to discover in Gatineau Park.  


Recharge at Nordik Spa-Nature 

After a morning spent exploring the wonders of Gatineau Park, there’s no better place to recharge your batteries than Nordik Spa-Nature. Surrounded by greenery and impressive architecture, you have made it to your peaceful haven. Experience the thermal cycle—through alternating hot, cold and rest—feel weightlessness in Källa, opt for a soothing massage and enjoy to the fullest this time of rest.  


Lunch at the Spa  

No need to put your spa day on pause to grab a bite. Head to Biërgarden for al fresco dining with breathtaking views—the perfect place to pair local microbrewed beers with fun seasonal dishes. For a twist on classic comfort foods—picture the most delicious of burgers—try Restö. With a simple swipe of your bracelet, your bill will be taken care of, and you’ll be back into the world of relaxation.  


Dinner at Chelsea Pub 

Here you can either extend your Nordik Spa-Nature-day or go back into the world and explore a little more of Old Chelsea. Take the time to enjoy your summer’s night and get better acquainted with the area. Once you’ve whet your appetite, direction Chelsea Pub. This true institution of Old Chelsea has been part of local history since 1875—and it’s not hard to see why.  


Dessert at La Cigale  

Another staple of Old Chelsea, La Cigale is a well-recognized local establishment. Its cheerfully painted building is unmissable and you’re sure to notice other passersby with cones in hand. La Cigale specializes in frozen delights made with high-quality ingredients and lots of love.  


Sweet Dreams at the Lodge or Lofts 

After a perfect day comes time for a good night’s rest. Retreat to Chemin Nordik and find a cottage surrounded by nature. Our lodges offer breathtaking views of the hills of Gatineau Park and downtown Ottawa. Or try something new with Lofts du Village, located in the heart of Old Chelsea. The perfect end to a perfect day.  


Simply save this itinerary to keep it with you while you discover the beauty that is Chelsea in the summer.  


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