Step 1: Heat

The first step of the thermal cycle involves exposing your body to intense heat for 5 to 15 minutes.


Breathe and live in the moment.

The experience may catch you by surprise if you are not accustomed to it. Close your eyes and give in completely. This is an opportunity to dive into a meditative state, to talk to yourself, to wander through your mind.

You will feel feverishly hot and you will sweat like you never have before. This is normal; it’s exactly what you’re supposed to feel. Your body is storing the heat, dilating your skin pores, and eliminating toxins. It’s the first step of the thermal cycle, which promotes well-being and relaxation.

Make sure you hydrate before and after. You can leave the sauna at any time, but try to stay for at least eight to 10 minutes to receive the maximum desired effects.

8 unique saunas

Each has its own unique architecture, inspiration, material, layout, heat source, temperature, and air volume. Each creates its own climate in a specific environment for a thermal experience hinged on new trends!

In the sauna, we ask you to:

  • Respect the silence rule
  • Sit on a towel
  • Wear a bathing suit
  • Keep hydrated properly
  • No alcohol in the saunas

The effects of the hot step

Eliminating Toxins and Stimulating the Immune System

In the sauna, your body’s internal temperature rises by about 1 °C, and your skin temperature rises by about 10 °C. You find yourself in a state of hyperthermia. You’re eliminating toxins and cleansing yourself completely. The “trash” expelled with the sweat is not only from the skin and muscles, but also from your metabolism and all your organs. This sweat acts as a thorough cleanse agent for the body.

In these light “fever” conditions, your body reacts by strengthening your immune system. Integrating the thermal cycle to your healthcare rituals provides you with additional protection. Regular users of heat therapy have noticed improved resistance to microbes and seasonal viruses.

For a complete Thermal Cycle