The cold and
temperate pools

A variety of choices for the cold step.


Rivër is the enormous waterfall that steals the show in the Borëa area, near the Vaporo sauna’s exit. The icy water flows from the mountain and collects in a primary pool. Pass right under the waterfall or submerge yourself in one of the two pools, it’s up to you to decide! Its temperature is 10 °C. The experience is challenging, but vey satisfying in the end. Dare yourself!

Rivër at a glance

  • Temperature: 10 °C
  • Location: Borëa area
  • Features: Icy water and two pools


This temperate pool is located in the Borëa area, a few steps from the Finlandia sauna. This is the best pool for your initiation into the thermal experience, because its temperature is about 21 °C.

Tempër at a glance

  • Temperature: 21 °C
  • Location: Borëa area
  • Features: Best pool for your initiation to the thermal experience


The Kylmä pool is a small, aboveground glass pool. Its rectangular shape is reminiscent of an aquarium. Located in the social section and facing the Panorama Lounge, your immersion in this cold pool will become a public performance. This is your stage! Kylmä is located near the Maa ad Tuli saunas. Its temperature is 15 °C.

Kylmä at a glance

  • Temperature: 15 °C
  • Location: Panorama area
  • Feature: Small above ground glass pool


Summer Experience

Located in the Kaskad area, the silent section at Nordik, Kristal is a cold waterfall from the mountain. Somewhat hidden and perched above the Kalör hot tub, you will feel like you have travelled somewhere else entirely and become part of the sublime setting. A glance is enough to take your breath away, nearly as much as the water temperature (15 °C).

Kristal at a glance

  • Temperature: 15 °C
  • Location: Kaskad area
  • Feature: Cold waterfall from the mountain
  • Summer Experience

Different Ways to Complete the Cold Step

Many options are available to cool your body after the sauna. Here are just a few:

  • Suspended buckets (summer experience): In the Panorama area at the Maa and Tuli sauna exits, two buckets are suspended and filled with cold water. Spray yourself with cold water by pulling on the cord. The effect is surprising and the result is rapidly achieved.
  • A cold shower: In the Borëa area, next to the Espace Banyä , you will find cold showers. This is a great option after a Banyä treatment to wash off the venik leaves that will have stuck to your body.

The next and final step is rest.