Step 3: Rest

Take a 20-minute rest period in one of the numerous relaxation areas

The last step of the thermal cycle

A sensation of calm you have to feel to believe

After having passed from one extreme to the other, from scalding heat to chilly waters, the time has come for relaxation, the last step of the thermal cycle. You make yourself comfortable in one of the numerous relaxation areas for at least 20 minutes to restore your body temperature and your heart rate and to recover your respiratory and circulatory balance.

After the thermal shock to your system, rest slows adrenaline secretion to make way for endorphins, known as the happiness hormones.

This is when you begin to feel all the benefits of the thermal cycle. Enjoy this moment of relaxation, take the time to reflect, and let yourself feel at peace. It’s a profound sense of calm you’ve rarely felt until now. You must experience it to believe it.

Nordik Spa-Nature offers a variety of options for your rest period at the end of a thermal cycle in every season. Take a look at the relaxation areas.

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